KDX Cross-Border Alibaba E-Commercial Is Running Now
Announcer:Editor  Time:2016-04-29

Recently, KDX cross-border e-commercial store in Alibaba, which laminating film and 3D HD product are sold as main business, has been launched. KDX Alibaba store breaks through border limit and directly serve global clients.   In traditional business chain, merchandises have to go through a couple of points; however, e-commercial indeed      simplifies supply chain and increases efficiency making international business convenient and quick.

KDX Alibaba store is Alibaba certification authority, “Faith Enterprise”. Product information will synchronously update, which any costumer is able to check product information and communicate with costumer service anywhere.   To insure client have complete service, KDX Alibaba store also owns quality post-service, EDM, offline marketing,   and international exhibition, so that client could know more information as much as possible.

Learn more about KDX Alibaba store, please visit http://kdxfilm.en.alibaba.com/

·         KDX Laminating Thermal Film, 3D HD Printing & Display Product is COMING SOON