Visit the future for laminating at KDX’s IPEX stand – Stand B370
Announcer:Sara Chang  Time:2017-10-20

KDX, a world leader in the manufacture of advanced polymer materials including Thermal  Laminating Films, BOPP Wet Films and  3D Lenticular solutions, will be exhibiting its latest portfolio of laminating films and ‘Glasses-free’ 3D products at IPEX. Its objective is to help UK and global print and packaging businesses gain an appreciation of what the future of printing and packaging could be and what can be achieved now.

KDX will be exhibiting its portfolio of laminating films consisting of an extensive range of Thermal Lamination Films, including Standard Gloss, Matte, Silky Matte & Anti-Scuff Matte and BOPP (biaxially orientated polypropylene) Wet Laminating films. KDX provides a variety of lamination solutions for its customers and is represented in more than 80 countries and regions, being recognised globally as an established and innovative leader in laminating films.

KDX will be welcoming prospective and existing clients and suppliers onto the IPEX stand to show both well established and new products. Its full laminating range will be highlighted, including Speciality Thermal Films. This range includes many kinds of special film finishes such as Silky Matte, Anti-scuff Matte, Allstick Digital, Superbond, Metallic, Brushed, Glitter, Frosted and Textile thermal films - a total of 25 different finishes that are ideal for packaging. These films have been engineered to meet the specific requirements of Offset Litho & Digital printing, offering extra added value-lamination for print and packaging. Visitors to the stand will be able to see the different types of effect and texture which are increasingly sought after by end users to add differentiation to their brand’s print, packaging and marketing communication tools.


Also featured at the show will be KDX’s expertise in 3D lenticular films. These films give a high optical and strong 3D effect with a smooth and fine surface. They are widely used in high definition 3D images for advertising, packaging, greeting cards, promotional POS photo images and business cards, as well as in other print  sectors. Unlike many current lenticular films, KDX films are produced by a UV cold curing process rather than a traditional extrusion process. This results in a better optical performance with clearer and brighter images combined with reduced distortion and better scratch resistance.

Printing lenticular directly with Offset UV, or UV Flat Bed printing can create new products for print customers, maximising growth and return opportunities. KDX offers its own in-house image conversion from 2D to 3D to save customers design time and the expense of purchasing bespoke 3D software.

Michel Diruy, General Manager KDX Europe Bv commented, “We will be using IPEX to show how KDX’s skilled team and network of global partners, have built a strong reputation for taking the lead with ground-breaking laminating film development.  Brand owners are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate their print and packaging; to stand out from the crowd and add value to their products. KDX’s laminating films and lenticular films are leading the industry in terms of innovative development - come and visit us at our stand to find out more about the future of print and packaging.”