Technical & Products
4. Where can I select the 3D pictures for my business?

KDX has a rich 3D Image Bank: If you have any interest to select specific pictures
for your business, please contact with our sales team and ask for a sign-in user name and password. 

5. What kind of lenticular products and services KDX can provide?

KDX provides the whole product chain and solution of lenticular product,including:

a. The material, including the lenticular sheet and lenticular board. 

b. The final product, including the 3D light box, 3D culture products, 3Dpackaging etc. 

c. The 3D production center program, including the 3D production center solution and the training
course of making 3D light box.  

d. The service, which is the 2D image to 3D image conversion. 

e. Marketing support, to introduce the end users to local KDX authorized 3D production center.

6. What’s the benefit I can get when using KDX 3D Display products?

KDX display products can provide better 3D effects for you and you can switch between 2D and 3D
mode easily on all KDX products. Also, we offer kinds types of 3D mobile phones, pads, notebooks
and TVs to meet customers’ different demands.