Technical & Products
7. What are the advantages of KDX 3D Display products?

8. For different lenticular lenses, how should I choose the proper printing method?

You can choose the proper printing method and production process based on the
following rules: 

a. Inkjet printing : inkject printed big posters with backlit. Printed on photographic papers first, then paste
them to lenticular boards.

The suitable lenses: 

 40LPI:  up to 60cm x 80cm

 20LPI:  up to 3m x 1.5m(horizontal), 1.5m x 2m(vertical).

b. Offset printing: print directly on the back of the lenticular sheets.

The suitable lenses:

   75-200LPI: from bookmark to A3 size

The suitable sizes are inversely proportional to the values of the LPI.

9. How to select which lenticular lenses I should use?

Basically it depends on printing methods, applications as well as the dimension of the lenses you 
. In general, thick lenses are more suitable for printing large format, long viewing distance 
applications. Thin lenses are more suitable for small, handheld products.